The perfect criteria

To find the right hosting partner consider the following criteria:  
  1. Network speed
  2. Reliability
  3. Bandwidth capacity
  4. Storage capacity
  5. Technical support
  6. Security
  7. Access (control panel)
  8. Location
  9. Hardware

UKFast data centre

Network Speed

The most important element of any hosting solution is the speed of the network your solution is on. That's why UKFast has heavily invested in our network's infrastructure, the faster your server and the faster the network you're server is on the better chance you give to your websites. Google states that speed is one of the most important factors in both visitor retention and ranking results.


Your website needs to be online 24/7/365. Every moment it is not you are losing out on visitors and business, therefore reliability is vital. Selecting a hosting company with a proven record for reliability will avoid disappointment. Many will guarantee 100% uptime but check the small print for exclusions to this. A hosting company worth its salt will be able to keep you online 99.99% of the time.


Bandwidth (or traffic capacity) determines how much information your server can transfer when a visitor requests it. Ensure that your hosting provider has sufficient bandwidth capacity for your needs. If you select one that doesn't, your website will run slowly and you will fall down the Google rankings and subsequently site visits will drop.

Storage Capacity

If your business collects and stores either personal or sensitive data, having backup facilities in place is essential in case of disaster. When inquiring about your hosting, ask about backup options and scheduling. In some companies, such as UKFast, you can even have a security audit performed for a negligible fee to ensure your storage and security needs are optimised.

Technical Support

If you ever need to change your hosting solution, you need expert support on hand immediately. As far as customer service is concerned, you get what you pay for, so going with the cheapest provider is usually not the best option. Make sure that your hosting company has 24/7/365 support, avoiding infuriating voice-automated answering systems. If in doubt, try calling the support line to see the type of service you can expect.


Online business is potentially exposed to a plethora of daily viral attacks. Insist on a hosting firm that offers the very best security and firewall technology. Similarly, if you intend to conduct ecommerce from your website, you must have a hosting provider that can assist you in establishing the necessary security protocols to protect your customers' personal details.


Round the clock access to your hosting solution and your hosting provider is crucial. Select a company that is rated for its customer service, that you find is easy to contact and that offers a comprehensive control panel. Good access empowers you to drive your business forward.


If you are conducting business in the UK, it is strongly advisable to host your servers there as well. Hosting in the same country speeds up your download performance. This not only pleases Google, who will rank your website higher, but also your visitors who will enjoy a faster, better online experience.


Finally, consider your hardware. State-of-the-art technology will ensure your solution is cost-efficient, reliable and performs well. More up to date server kit delivers stronger processing power while using less energy. This reduces your carbon footprint, helping the environment.

The UKFast Promise

UKFast is proud to be the industry leader in all of the above criteria

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