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UKFast People

Great people provide great service. It's as simple as that.

At UKFast, only passionate, supportive, driven people form our team so that they give you the highest level of customer service and support.

We know that our people are our best asset and we've been recognised consistently for the way we look after and develop them to become the best that they can be - to provide you with the best possible service.

"I've never had that service in 10 years of dealing with support teams. It really was worth raving about! Definitely beyond any service I've ever had before."

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We featured in the Sunday Times Best Companies list for four years running and the Great Place to Work Institute's Great Workplaces list for the past three years. This year we've ranked an incredible 14th in the Best SME Workplace in Europe award. We have proven that a high standard of investment in our team equals a high standard of work across the whole business.

We enjoy our work because we know it's making a difference to our customers' lives and we love the great feeling that we get when our customers say how good our service is.

As soon as new recruits join UKFast, they are put through their paces at our outbound training centre in Snowdonia. There they climb the mountain, build and sail rafts and compete in a series of challenges. Here UKFast's core values - passionate, professional, supportive, dynamic and innovative - become clear.

"Our experience has been incredible. Our account manager is always on the ball and the support guys are top notch."

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UKFast people do not give up; they strive until a job is complete and finished to the highest standard - whether they're building a raft or looking after any aspect of your experience with us.

We are very proud of our team and the service that they give you. If you need any further proof of the values that make UKFast people so great, pop in to our new UKFast Campus offices and meet us!


  • DYNAMIC: we'll actively seek your thoughts on how to improve our service to you through simple feedback channels
  • INNOVATIVE: we'll provide a helpful and consultative service, creative solutions, and a 'can do' approach
  • PROFESSIONAL: we'll keep you informed through timely, precise and honest communication
  • PASSIONATE: we'll build lasting relationships and help your business grow, regardless of your size or experience
  • SUPPORTIVE: we'll realistically manage your expectations by listening and caring.