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We’re on G-Cloud Nine!

UKFast Public Sector

We’re very happy. You could say we’re over the moon. In fact, let’s say we’re on cloud nine because we can announce that UKFast are G-Cloud 9 Approved. If you’re not a public sector business we wouldn’t blame you for being a bit baffled. What is G-Cloud? Well, we’re here to explain. What is G-Cloud? […]

The Top Take-Away Lessons from Unlocked Manchester

Graham Cluley at UKFast Campus for Unlocked Manchester cybersecurity conference

Yesterday hundreds of cyber-enthusiasts and business leaders descended on UKFast Campus to unlock the mystery of protecting your business online. The conference showcased the top experts in cybersecurity and business, with speakers including cyber analyst Graham Cluley, Lloyds Banking Group’s Justin Joyce and Cisco’s Terry Greer-King. Having been terrified by a live hack, brain-boggled by […]

Security at Your Fingertips

For some of us, glittery nail varnish is just a happy surprise when you look down at your hands. But it could now be going from fingers to flights as some researchers are recommending it for securing your device’s data, particularly when travelling abroad. This top tip was revealed at the Chaos Communication Congress 2013 […]

How to Rob a Bank with a USB Stick

Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to break through security features but this method might surprise you… It sounds far-fetched but a European bank really did have its cash machines hacked by thieves who used USB drives loaded with malware to steal large sums of money. The story was revealed by researchers at the Chaos […]