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UKFast Career Day

UKFast Career Day

Everyone loves a good video – it gives our poor hands a chance to delay the RSI onset from manic typing, and our tired eyeballs a chance to see something fun. And what’s more fun than the youth of today embarking on a learning journey?! Students from Oldham College dropped by UKFast Campus recently for […]

The Hackers Become the Hacked

Hacking Team

In a more than ironic move, a firm called the Hacking Team has been hacked – but what’s really getting them airtime is the fact that they seem to have been selling hacking tools to governments and other not-great third parties, which have then been used to hack journos, activists and citizens. Here’s what’s known […]

Welcome to the World of Online Product Customisation

Mass customisation

As eCommerce explodes and customers want personalised products instantly, finding ways to meet their needs is a challenge for businesses. Andrew Talbot, founder of Gateway 3D, tells us more… Online Product Customisation or Mass Customisation is the production of personalized or customized products to meet individual consumers’ diverse and changing needs using mass production techniques […]

eCommerce: As Easy as UX-Pected?

ecommerce user experience

Globally a massive 4 trillion dollars-worth of shopping carts are abandoned during online shopping. This means that typically two thirds of people that start and complete an online check out abandon it. It’s widely suggested that this may be due to the site’s user experience (or UX) – a concept that many businesses claim to have […]