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HapPi Days

Education is an issue that’s close to our hearts, as are Raspberry Pis (and any word which resembles pie, coincidentally), which is why we’re excited to announce that our Raspberry Pi Café at Broadoak School has just hit new heights. It’s an incredible time for education as the next generation gets teched up and prepped […]

Don’t Miss Out on eCommerce Billions

With online sales racking up at a cool £150 billion last year alone, it’s become clear that now is the time to get excited about eCommerce. What’s even better is that the stars have aligned to make the North the perfect place for eCommerce to grow. eCommerce Show North is gathering together some of the […]

Taking Time Out

UKFast mannequin challenge

Sometimes work can feel like a relentless slog and it can be hard to catch your breath, but taking a moment to pause and see how your team is doing is important too; something which is taken quite literally as we go behind-the-scenes in our latest UKFast team video! It’s easy to get caught up in […]

5 Tips for Staying Safe on Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day 2016

Happy International Computer Security Day everyone! While it’s arguably not the catchiest  sounding day, there’s never been a better time to catch onto good security. Technically every day should be computer security day, but realistically things can slip a little, so today is the day to stand back and take a look at our top […]

Fast Fridays – 25th November 2016

investigatory Powers Bill

Great work on being excellent everyone; you’ve made it to Friday! This week we’ve been talking about many, many things, including (but not limited to) our exciting new school application and some pretty inspiring people. Now crack on with a quick roundup of the rest of the week’s news and have a blindin’ weekend! 1. […]

Delivering on Good Security

Deliveroo Cyber security attack

Deliveroo has saved me during many a dark, hangry moment, and it’s also a massive enabler of my laziness. Today, however, what Deliveroo is delivering is bad news, straight to the doors of some of its customers. It’s been hit by an attack and it’s a lesson in good password practice for us all. Deliveroo is […]