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Thursday (Fridays) at ‘Fast

Happy Easter everyone! This week we’ve talked about why using twitter can impact your business, the new domain name extensions on offer, and the science of selfies. And now it’s time to eat all the chocolate, and settle in for a SUPER long weekend! “I’m pretty happy with my current job, but if you’re single […]

The Secret Lives of Selfies

On Sunday Instagram went down, causing widespread panic and an outbreak of un-filtered brunch pics and selfies. And while it may seem trivial from a business perspectivce, a closer look at selfies may well find us staring into the beady little eye of our new relationship with technology. Self(ie) esteem Aside from just being an […]

A Little .Luxury

It’s that time of the week again; time for the latest batch of gTLDs to launch. Today why not grab yourself a little .luxury or .build a new .wiki? OK, enough with the terrible attempt at puns. The domains will be available from 4pm today (14th April 2014) and the best ones are sure to […]

Fridays at ‘Fast

OK not to get too excited or anything but… it’s FRIDAY! And this week we’ve had a few dicey security situations, but hopefully now we’re out the other side and into the sunny climes of the weekend (the sun’s actually shining here in Manchester, which is a miracle in itself)! We’ve got the lowdown on […]

In Glass we Trust

Google may have been hallelujah-ing about its Glass wearable whizzkid since forever now but so far the tech, the wearers and the company themselves haven’t been getting the best rap (for example, their attempts to trademark  the word ‘Glass’). But – haterz aside – it turns out there is massive untapped potential to use Glass […]

Bleeding Hearts (and Passwords): Important Security Information

If a ‘Heartbleed bug’ sounds like it would be bad news for your body’s system, in reality it’s even worse for your computer’s. This vulnerability is big, and it’s probably affecting you, right now. What’s the crack? Yesterday the OpenSSL Project spoke about the recently discovered CVE-2014-0160 vulnerability. Approximately 60% of websites use OpenSSL, but this doesn’t […]

The Voice of the Next Tech Generation

If you have a tendency to walk along muttering under your breath then you’re in luck – pretty soon people will no longer assume you’re losing your grip on reality, they’ll just think that you’re using voice controlled tech – which, luckily, is tipped to be the next big thing.  Speaking at the Mobile World […]

Silicon Valley Strikes Back

Proving that you don’t just earn minus ‘neighbour points’ by playing Rage Against the Machine loudly at 3am, techies have been getting some hate recently too; Silicon Valley has become startup central for tech wizards – but not everyone’s happy about it. The question is, are they right? San Fran’s Bay Area is now infamous […]